What is computer fraud?

What is computer fraud?

The law related to technology evolves at a rapid pace, but you should always be aware of some of the most common criminal charges related to computers and Internet activity. One of the most general charges related to this is known as federal computer fraud.

Computer fraud refers to any fraud perpetration carried out using the Internet or a computer. The most well-known charge under this umbrella is hacking, where technical tools are used to access another computer or server from a separate location. A related concern can happen when an individual or group of people illegally intercepts a message not intended for their viewing. The collection of data from such an event can lead to identity theft.

Under federal law, computer fraud can involve any situation where a computer is used for the purpose of creating a “dishonest representation of fact.” This misrepresentation is generally done in an attempt to induce a person to either do or not do something that will cause a loss. This can unfold in a few different ways, such as deleting or altering stored data, rewriting software codes and using them to access financial systems, or altering a computer’s output without authorization.

Being accused of computer fraud is a serious situation that warrants the insight of a New York criminal defense attorney. Even if you believe that you are innocent of the charges, be cautious when speaking with the authorities. If you are being charged, it’s in your best interests to hire a criminal defense lawyer immediately to protect your rights. If the situation has proceeded to the point of an arrest, then you should exercise your Fifth Amendment rights and speak to your attorney first. Having an attorney to counsel you may give you an idea of what to expect and the best way to proceed. Julie Rendelman is a New York criminal defense attorney with over 22 years of experience. Call 212-951-1232 to schedule a free consultation. Visit www.RendelmanLaw.com to learn more about Julie’s legal experience.

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