What to do if you are facing criminal scam charges

What to do if you are facing criminal scam charges

Scams are relatively common across the country these days, especially as the reliance on technology and the Internet has increased. In fact, the capture of personal data using electronic methods has impacted dozens of people over the course of the past year alone.

Scams can range from minor to serious, with criminal charges a strong likelihood for those who are caught in the act of scamming others. Some of the most common examples of scams that exist today include phony tech support lines used to access a system and then charge for the solution, rental scams, websites that mimic big merchandisers, payday loans and fraudulent grant opportunities, or even individuals posing as the U.S. government offering assistance with an upfront payment.

If you have been accused of carrying out a scam, then your first call should be to a  criminal defense attorney. Without bringing an attorney on board, you can make crucial mistakes with your case that can have a lasting impact.  An attorney can review what information the other side has as well as any possible defenses for your case.

You may wish to exercise your Fifth Amendment rights as soon as you have been detained by the police. The police will often try to get you to talk before your attorney is present with the goal of aiding you in self-incrimination. Remember that you do not need to consult with the police on any matters involving your alleged crime without being permitted to speak to your attorney. Your attorney is an important stopgap from you making statements that could accidentally incriminate you or provide police with more evidence that could be used in court. In these cases, it is better to remain silent, and only speak when you have been advised by your attorney. Julie Rendelman is a New York criminal defense lawyer with over 22 years of legal experience. If you feel that you are the subject of a criminal investigation by a government agency such as the FTC, then you should seek legal representation. Ms. Rendelman offers free consultations. Call 212-951-1232 to arrange an appointment. Visit www.RendelmanLaw.com to learn more about Ms. Rendelman.

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