How has arson evolved as a crime in New York?

Arson building cirme

Arson became a big issue in New York City in the 1970’s. In fact, arson was what some would even consider a fact of life back then– in 1976, there were 13,752 reported cases of arson. Compare that to 2012 numbers like 2,000 and it is interesting to look back at how this issue evolved…

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Revenge porn: New York City’s newest crime

woman at computer sees crime

For many people, it’s a phenomenon that has gone unpunished for far too long. Seductive and even sexually explicit images or videos of men and women are regularly posted online, usually as an act of revenge by former sexual partners. Dubbed “revenge porn,” it has  caused embarrassment, distress and depression that some victims find impossible…

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Equifax breach highlights cyber crimes

computer hack crime

The recent Equifax data breach has been cited as one of the biggest incidents of its kind. It highlighted the alarming reality that every person and company can have their sensitive information stolen by hackers at any time and spawned dozens of class action lawsuits filed by both consumers and shareholders. Lawmakers are now reconsidering…

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How does the pardon system work?

Gavel pardon concept

President Donald Trump’s recent pardon of former Sheriff Joe Arpaio has drawn public attention to the pardoning process in general. What is the basis of such a decision? Is there a difference between a presidential and gubernatorial pardon? Are there some offenses that cannot be pardoned? This post will explain how the pardon system works…

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New York Blindfold Law: What it means for your case

criminal evidence

Although the law in New York requires both sides to disclose their discovery material prior to trial, civil and criminal proceedings have vastly different timelines in that regard. In a civil case, attorneys for each side can interview the other’s witnesses for depositions and in general benefit from complete and total discovery. Criminal cases are…

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Unreasonable search and seizure: Specificity is key

criminal search warrant illustration

While the U.S. Constitution guarantees your right to freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, there continue to be instances where law enforcement officers violate that right, either through negligence or simple and willful disregard. The result is a huge—and growing—body of law that focuses on interpreting when and under what conditions a search and seizure…

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Are fireworks legal in New York?


As the Fourth of July draws ever closer, more New Yorkers are eagerly making plans for traditional holiday pastimes: getting together with family and friends, hosting lively backyard barbecues and, above all, lighting fireworks. One might argue that no celebration of the Fourth is complete without the latter. When it comes to private fireworks shows,…

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Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) is an anti-corruption law aimed at American companies that operate in international markets. When it was passed in 1977, the FCPA was the first law to make both individuals and corporations civilly and criminally liable for corruption crimes committed outside of the country. The FCPA prohibits U.S. companies and/or…

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Assault on a police officer in New York

police assault

Assaulting a police officer is one of the more serious assault charges under New York State law. This particular crime arouses both public anger and high volumes of press coverage because the police are sworn to protect New York’s citizenry and violence against them is seen as a threat to public safety. If you are…

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What to do if you are facing criminal scam charges

federal internet scam

Scams are relatively common across the country these days, especially as the reliance on technology and the Internet has increased. In fact, the capture of personal data using electronic methods has impacted dozens of people over the course of the past year alone. Scams can range from minor to serious, with criminal charges a strong…

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